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Child Custody Archives

Group east of Colorado says child custody should be split equally

It is a logical assumption that couples who have children and have decided to divorce will be willing to do what is necessary in order to ensure the well-being of their children. Colorado parents involved in child custody situations might wish to consult a legal professional who has experience in matters of family law. Carefully choosing advisers could mean the difference between an amicable agreement and peaceful experience and one wrought with stress.

Vegan mom reunited with son after losing child custody

Many in Colorado think that child custody disputes only come with divorce. However, this is not always the case. When accusations are made regarding child neglect and abuse, child custody often comes into play. This is the case of one mother from another state. 

Jason Patric: Can sperm donors fight for legal custody?

Jason Patric, the famous actor, was determined to be the legal father of his son, which may grant him legal custody as well. The actor has fought a lengthy court battle over custody of his young child, strongly contested by his ex-girlfriend. Colorado readers may know that this was a complex legal custody and paternity battle because the son was conceived through a non-traditional manner with donated sperm. 

Don't let your fears overwhelm you during a child custody battle

Getting a divorce is stressful. However, when kids are involved, it can be even more overwhelming and chaotic. It isn't only hard on the parents, but the kids as well. For that reason, when Colorado couples expect to be in for a child custody battle, it can be helpful to know what to expect and how they can handle the situation coolly and calmly.

Is it possible to relocate and maintain physical custody?

No one in Colorado writes divorce into their future. However, it happens, and it isn't easy to deal with. If you have children from the marriage, this can make the divorce that much harder. This is especially true if you are wanting to relocate and maintain physical custody of the children.

Jason Patric child custody case goes to appeals court

The court system can seem challenging to deal with under the best of circumstances. This is particularly true when dealing with family law issues in Colorado or in any other state. Sometimes during a family law dispute a judge will rule against a parent's favor, which could require an appeal in order to finally prevail. Actor and activist Jason Patric is currently dealing with this situation in his child custody case.

International child custody dispute over, U.S. father prevails

Many Colorado residents have likely heard about the international child abduction that took two young girls away from their father. In fact, he hasn't heard from or seen them in roughly seven months. He has gone through a long and hard battle to get child custody of his daughters and now it seems as though he has succeeded.

Amicable visitation agreement reached between grandparents

Colorado residents may be happy to hear that a 5-year-old girl from another state, who has been in foster care for some time now, will now be able to be with her family. She will spend time with both sets of her grandparents as well as a third unnamed family member. Luckily, for both families, this child custody and visitation agreement was established cordially outside of court.

Dealing with child custody issues in a Colorado divorce

Colorado couples with children who decide to separate are well aware of the different problems that can arise during the divorce process. One of the primary concerns of parents when they enter a divorce is which parent will obtain physical custody. In most cases, courts will attempt to ensure that both parents receive shared child custody.

Colorado child custody during the holiday season

It is incredibly normal for a family to want to be together for Christmas. Although sharing the custody of one's children can complicate this, both parties are typically given time with the children at some point during the holiday season. Colorado families understand this desire to be together at this time of year, especially when child custody agreements are violated and prevent families from being together.